Sony has definitely done it again: PlayStation 4 is as incredible of a gaming console as all of its three predecessors. One of its main attractions is definitely its impressive catalogue of games, many of which are exclusive titles. Let us then take a look at some of the best PS4 exclusives – the games that make the console a worthy purchase!

One of the most surprising phenomenons in modern gaming is definitely the incredible popularity of the Dark Souls series by From Software. At the time when games were seemingly getting easier every year, gamers surprisingly embraced a particularly difficult and obtuse series of action RPG games. The popularity of the Souls series has encouraged From Software to improve upon its formula and thus Bloodborne was born! Much like the Souls trilogy, this is a game with a beautifully dark art design and extremely challenging combat. There are major differences, though! Instead of a quasi-medieval setting, it takes place in a fantasy world reminiscent of Victorian London, populated by creatures inspired by H.P Lovecraft. What is more, the combat, although just as deadly as in Dark Souls, has become much more fast-paced. Thus, if you are a person who enjoyed the atmosphere of Dark Souls, but disliked its slow-paced combat, Bloodborne might just be the game for you!

If you are a fan of complex and beautiful open world RPG games, Horizon: Zero Dawn is a must-buy! This extremely immersive title takes place in an unique science-fiction setting that is a nice change of pace for anyone who has spent a lot of time in medieval fantasy worlds. It offers not only a big and beautiful world that the player is free to explore, but also an interesting plot and fast-paced, varied combat.