Best fighting games of the last few years

Fighting games are not a proposition for everyone, but those who love the genre love it deeply, spending hours upon hours practicing combos, devising strategies and fighting other players locally or online. In the last few years, we saw the release of many interesting titles in the genre, among which are both extremely challenging and complex games and more streamlined, accessible ones. Let us take a look at some of them!

One of the most interesting fighting games of 2018 is based on a beloved anime franchise. The game that we are talking about here is Dragonball: Fighter Z. It is a team 3v3 fighting game that uses a somewhat simplified version of the Guilty Gear series’ mechanics. The fans of the anime will definitely appreciate the beautiful graphics faithfully replicating its look and a fantastic story mode. Thus, it is one of the rare fighting games that have a lot to offer also from the single-player perspective.

Another stellar fighting game based on a popular franchise is 2017’s Injustice 2. Its predecessor made a huge impression on the players by giving them an opportunity to play as such beloved DC Comics heroes and villains as Superman, Batman or Joker, and the sequel improved upon it in many ways. This is a very adjustable game that can become as simple or complex as the player wishes and offers a great single-player campaign that uses the iconic comic book characters to a great effect.

What can be better than a game that offers the players an opportunity to control characters from a beloved franchise? Of course, a title that has characters from not one, but two popular franchises! For the gamers who love both Marvel Comics and Capcom fighting games, Marvel vs Capcom Infinite is a dream come true. It is a classic Capcom tag-based fighter that will make feel the fans of this type of gameplay feel right at home. The newcomers also need not worry, because the title has introduced several adjustments that will make learning the system much easier for them.

Fans of the Mortal Kombat franchise have a big reason to be happy right now: 2015’s Mortal Kombat X is arguably the best installment in the series yet. Not only does it boast a very customizable gameplay that can be enjoyed by both veterans and newcomers, it also has a surprisingly enjoyable story. As per usual for the series, the game is not for the faint-hearted: the famed fatalities are as brutal as ever. Definitely not a game that parents will want to see their kids play!

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