Few reasons why PC gamers should own a controller

Dedicated PC gamers have long claimed that the keyboard and mouse setup is the optimal one for gaming. However, there are a lot of reasons why even the gamers who prefer their games on PC rather than on consoles should buy a controller and plug it up into their favorite computer. Here are some of them!

The most compelling reason to buy a controller for PC is the fact that a lot of console ports require it for comfortable play. The PC owners have long clamored for such cult titles as Dark Souls and Nier:Automata to get PC ports. However, when said ports have hit the markets, a lot of buyers started complaining that they are extremely difficult to play using the keyboard and mouse setup. One could say that the ports were simply badly done, but there is an explanation that is more favorable to the designers: those games were simply made with controller in mind and there is no way of translating their control schemes to the keyboard and mouse setup in an entirely satisfying way. Therefore, a player who wants to have an optimal experience should play them with a controller. Some PC gamers might resent that, but perhaps they should start viewing it as an opportunity to learn a completely new, exciting way of playing.

Also, a controller (or two) enables comfortable local co-op. Yes, it is possible to configure the keyboard settings for a two-player game, but it is definitely cumbersome to have to rub your elbows with the other player. On the other hand, playing such games as Shovel Knight in a co-op mode with two controllers or a controller and a keyboard is a delightfully smooth experience. We cannot think of many better ways of bonding with your game-loving friend or significant other.

Because of the reasons named above, more and more PC gamers are buying controllers! There are a lot of great models that can be easily used on a personal computer. Getting used to this new mode of playing is much simpler than one can think and opens up completely new possibilities for PC gamers.

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