The most useful accessories of Xbox One X

Instead of releasing a new generation of consoles, Sony and Microsoft have both decided to introduce upgraded versions of respectively PS4 and Xbox One. As for the latter, the upgrade is called Xbox One X and is mainly a proposition for the players interested in taking advantage of the 4K resolution. If you are one of the lucky people who own this incredibly powerful console, you will definitely be interested in some great accessories that may further improve the experience.

If you are interested in using your Xbox One X for more than just gaming, Xbox One Media Remote is an indispensable tool. It is a very stylish, durable and comfortable remote control that makes it very easy to use all of the options offered by the console. It is a great option whether you want to use the console for gaming, movies or music.

For those interested in saving up space, the Xbox One X vertical stand is a fantastic accessory. As its name suggests, it offers the opportunity to position the console vertically, Xbox One X is already one of the most compact home consoles available on the market and the vertical stand can help it to take up an even lesser amount of space in the living room.

If you are an user who wants high-quality audio along with the increased resolution, you definitely should consider purchasing a high-end gaming headset. There are a lot of great models that offer a wide range of audio options, fantastic sound quality and comfort. For those who value convenience above all, there a lot of great wireless models.

No Xbox One X user interested in online gaming can go without Xbox Live Gold. It is a subscription service that grants full access to online multiplayer and group party chat. Another subscription service worth considering is definitely Xbox Game Pass: for a monthly fee of 9.99$, it offers access to more than 150 games from all generations of Xbox. This is a great opportunity for anyone who wants to experience both the newest titles and the revered classics of Xbox. Great option if you want to play the whole Halo or Gears of War series right from the beginning!

The users who want to play a lot of games should also consider adding some storage space. Xbox One X comes with only 1TB of HDD drive, which might quickly turn out to not be enough considering the increased size of Xbox One X titles. If you are interested in adding a really large amount of storage space to the console, you can buy an 8TB Game Drive, offering enough space to store literally hundreds of games.

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